Our Story

ePo!nt was founded by two individuals who believe that, to be successful, dental offices must not only offer dental services but also an exceptional and hospitable patient experience! They saw a need in the Dental Community for effective and professional training of staff, access to long-term staffing options for Dental Offices, all while simultaneously delivering a hospitable and informative experience for your patients.

Our Name

We firmly believe in training dentists and offices to be “e” Focused!

[e]ffective, [e]fficient, [e]levated (directionally and in patient experience), [e]nvironmentally sound, and focused on [e]namel preservation.

The !

The “point” portion of our name is Directional – an upward direction is where you’re going in your business!

Our “point” is also sharp – our commitment to seamless and excellent service!

Our Mission

To provide professional and effective dental training to entry level to advanced office staff.

Our aim is to provide Dental Offices with Staff that are knowledgable on all things dental, hospitable to every patient, and a valuable asset to your Dental Office.