Frequently Asked Questions

Does ePo!nt provide candidates suitable for specialized offices?
Yes! Candidates go through a process of training that embraces all specialty fields.
Do all candidates come from a dental background? If not, how do they qualify?
ePo!nt believes that, while dentistry can be taught, personality is an intangible that cannot always be altered.  Thus, not all candidates come from a dental background. In effort to maximize your patient experience, ePo!nt focuses on candidate’s inherent personality strengths and builds upon these qualities by training those aspects that are more readily tangible.
How should I proceed if the candidate is not a good fit for my office?
Our goal is for the relationship between employer and employee to succeed! In the event you are not satisfied with your placement and wish to explore another option, please let us know and we will coordinate accordingly to satisfy your needs! We are also as equally available to our applicants and will generally bring them back into our training site toward additional placement efforts.
How does ePo!nt differ from general placement companies?
General placement companies receive a finders fee up front to place an employee (generally a percentage of the employee’s salary).  ePo!nt, on the other hand, is subscription-based. This means you only remit payment on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for services you receive and never have to fear “what if it doesn’t work out after I have financed a year’s worth of an employee ‘finder fee’?”
Are fees consistent throughout the placement process?
Yes! The length of your subscription consists of a fixed daily, weekly, or monthly fee that results from your specific training needs.
Does ePo!nt help negotiate salaries for potential employees?
No. ePo!nt is a subscription-based program that allows the employer and employee to discuss finances in privacy.  Being subscription based, ePo!nt also has no special interest to negotiate for higher employee salaries.  Decided salaries are between the employee and employer as per a traditional hiring process.
After employees have been placed, can the prospect still consult ePo!nt on administrative operations?
Executive regional managers are at the disposal of any placed employee who is still under subscription. Please feel free to inquire regarding any additional training or support.  Our goal is for the employee-employer relationship to be a success!
Once the contract is concluded, does ePo!nt provide further training options?
Does ePo!nt specialize in specific dental software?
ePo!nt specialists are most versed in Patterson Eaglesoft and Dentrix.  Should your office utilize a dental program that we are less familiar with, either on-the-job training can prove helpful or we can assist in finding training conducted by the specific company for your software programs.

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